Taking Costs Out Of the Supply Chain Webinar Series

5 Week Teleseminar Series
Taking Costs Out Of the Supply Chain

Having a hard time meeting your cost savings goals?  How many times can you ask the same supplier for a lower price?
Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

The Solution: Shift your model from asking the supplier to make less money so you can get more savings (which is what the supplier hears when you ask for a lower price) to a collaborative approach that removes costs from the supply chain, benefiting both parties and generating better results. 

The Institute for Supply Management – Sacramento Valley is offering a 5 week LIVE teleseminar series – one hour per week – every Tuesday at 10AM PST in the month of September and the first week of October. PC access and phone access is needed for these teleseminars. Upon completion, you will receive a 5 hour continuing education credits certificate.

Learning Schedule 
September 4th – Price reductions vs supply chain cost reductions + examples
September 11th – Identifying target suppliers and key opportunities
September 18th – Making the internal pitch; getting management approval
September 25th – Getting suppliers on board and setting expectations
October 2nd – Driving implementation and expansion with target suppliers

The price for this series is $97 for all 5 teleseminars.  This is a special ISM rate (normally $349).  This session is open to all purchasing professionals, irrespective of geography – however, session size is limited.  Note that you don’t have to be an ISM member to take advantage of this rate.  There will be time at the end of every session for Q&A with the instructor. 

About Your Instructor:  Omid Ghamami is President & Chief Consultant at Purchasing Advantage.   Since 1995, he has taught thousands of hours of purchasing seminars all around the world.  Omid is also an Adjunct Professor of Purchasing at Folsom Lake College, and is the founder and developer of their program.  Omid has a rich history publishing ISM articles and teaching seminars at various ISM chapters.  

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