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The 7 Deadly Mistakes That Purchasing Professionals Are Making Everyday and How You Can Eliminate Them By Becoming a World-Class Purchasing Professional.

Are you ready to STOP doing what’s not working and making your career a miserable experience?

Do you want to experience a rebirth of Purchasing in a way that’s exciting, liberating and gives you opportunity for rapid career advancement?

Then this Special Report may be the most important document you read all year.

Why? Because this report reveals the 7 Biggest Mistakes that you and every other Purchasing Professional are most likely making on a daily basis.

These mistakes add up to a lot of stress, headache, sleepless nights and low satisfaction rates in our profession. But you don’t have to continue to deal with that mental garbage. You can become an elite, world-class Purchasing Professional!

Omid GhamamiHi, I’m Omid Ghamami. I spent 18 years at Intel Corporation, working my way up to running the entire global purchasing operations organization, with $2.2 BILLION in total scope and responsibility!

But it wasn’t always easy. I’ve been exactly where you are at one time or another.

Like you, I landed in purchasing by accident, and was wondering how my MBA program never even uttered the word “purchasing” to help prepare me for the challenges I was facing.

I was constantly stressed about my job, and was working 60 – 70 hours a week. The stress was affecting every corner of my life. From my health, to my relationships and I was generally unhappy and unsatisfied. I tossed and turned in bed many sleepless nights.

All this took its toll on me and I knew in my heart that I must make a change.

I knew that there had to be a better way, a more fulfilling way. A way to stop the madness of Purchasing – the daily grind that I called “management by distraction,” where seemingly endless small fires are constantly being put out, but nothing of significance ever gets done.

I was busier than ever, but always drew a blank when it came time to fill out my weekly status reports for management.  What did I really accomplish with all that racing around, chasing customer and supplier issues and excursions?

I wasn’t driving value added purchasing strategies; I was a full time fire-fighter, and so was everyone around me – and we were supposed to be the industry leaders!  I couldn’t figure it out.  Something was deeply flawed about the whole process.

Enough is enough…

 It was time to get out of the old and into the Now!

So starting at square one, in methodical, step-by-step fashion I deconstructed what we’d been taught and painstakingly reconstructed the entire process of Purchasing from beginning to end.

More sleepless nights and month upon month of testing and tweaking my process until I’d produced a paradigm shift within Intel Corporation.

My results and reputation earned me the Intel title of “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”, and I’ve penned a must read, Special Report for you that reveals what these 7 Deadly Mistakes are because I want you to experience the liberation that I felt.

You can advance your career and your income at rocket speed. You can make a difference and be respected for it.

Yes, you can engage in a paradigm shift that will completely change your life, so much for the better! This Free Report is where it all starts and is my gift to you.

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Here’s a quick summary of these 7 Deadly Mistakes that are examined in detail is this Special Report: 

Deadly Mistake #1. Internal customers and management often view purchasing as just managing price, or worse yet, as managing the expediting of orders.

Cost savings are viewed with skepticism by senior management, as they are wondering, if purchasing is saving us all this money, then why isn’t that same amount of money left over in the corporate budget?

Purchasing needs to follow a proven methodology to establish itself as a value added profit center to the organization, because that’s when purchasing employees will be recognized for – and compensated as – the difference makers they are in enabling best-in-class TCO for the company.

Deadly Mistake #2. Purchasing professionals everywhere are chasing down rogue internal customers that strike deals with suppliers, disclose budgets, and pre-cook deals before passing them onto purchasing as an emergency order.

Companies don’t help with policies prohibiting this behavior, so  following a 3-step strategic alignment process with internal customers is absolutely critical because rogue customers will make your supply base size mushroom while also making your cost savings opportunities disappear.

Deadly Mistake #3. Manually reducing the supply base size in the corporate vendor database is one of the biggest waste- of-time activities that purchasing professionals everywhere are being forced to engage in. The focus is on the wrong metric.

Purchasing needs to take a set of documented and proven steps to shift the focus to ensuring 95% of the dollars are going to 5% of the suppliers, because that is what where the biggest TCO influence comes about – and a dramatic reduction in the supply base will happen as a natural byproduct of this effort.

Making this shift is critical, and requires influencing management along the way.  But the results that purchasing is able to generate with the freed up time as a result are priceless.

Deadly Mistake #4. So many purchasing professionals are responsible for negotiating contracts AND placing purchase orders.

Having a trained purchasing professional that is fully capable of negotiating contracts also responsible for placing time-consuming purchase orders is like using a Ferrari to haul lumber.  It makes no sense.

There is a way out, but it requires implementation of a four step model that is used to influence management to make the shift.

Purchasing professionals trapped in these hybrid negotiator/PO-Expeditor roles need to make this shift because placing purchase orders is a morale killer that will stifle the purchasing professional’s performance review, salary, and ultimately career trajectory.

Nobody got on the fast track to being Director of Corporate Purchasing because they were so good at placing PO’s!

Deadly Mistake #5. Purchasing cost savings targets are increased every year. Like clockwork, our suppliers know to expect us knocking for more savings from them.

How many times can they keep reducing profits so we can claim more savings? It’s not sustainable. This purchasing model needs to go in a time capsule, right now. 

The focus needs to shift to taking costs out of the supply chain, because there are real and proven methods to do this and that will result in dramatically better results for you and your career. 

No special tools, systems, or ERP implementations are needed to do this; just the use of a documented and repeatable process that the pros use to change the TCO landscape completely.

The fact that you haven’t done it yet is great news – it means that there is a pearl in every oyster right now.

Deadly Mistake #6. Scrambling to prepare for an internal audit is like cramming in a year’s worth of flossing right before  a dental checkup – Who does this benefit?

A risk assessment methodology needs to be implemented that measures risks and controls and puts the right measures in place to ensure a business that is in control but still agile and nimble.

This process document is then used to have internal audit measure compliance to your own processes instead of to their ideas regarding what they *think* you should be doing, which as we know is often completely disconnected with the realities of running a purchasing department.

Shifting to this risk assessment process is critical because it saves you time and keeps you in compliance to your own processes instead of to somebody else’s.

Deadly Mistake #7. The VAST majority of buyers are making fatal-flaw mistakes when it comes to negotiating contracts.

From saving the terms and conditions for last to excluding critical lesser known clauses that guarantee the best price in the marketplace to allowing the supplier the opportunity to markup their purchasing contract with all their issues and concerns.

We are killing ourselves, and our suppliers are loving it.

Purchasing professionals need to learn and leverage a set of powerful insider secrets regarding contract terms and conditions negotiations that are complete game changers, because doing so will increase supplier acceptance of our desired terms and will slash contract negotiation cycle time by 75% or more.

What’s separating us from success is just a few simple steps that are easy to implement.

We’re going to zoom in on these HUGE mistakes in detail.

You’ll walk away enlightened, inspired and ready to change your world. I want to help you enjoy your career and enhance your life, so don’t waste another minute. Now is the time to take action. I promise.



P.S. If your review of this Report stimulates you to want a more direct connection to me, I invite you to Click Here to tell me your thoughts. But PLEASE read this grounding material first so that we’re starting off with the right mindset together.

Thank You for your time. I look forward to helping you to quickly achieve an amazing paradigm shift in Purchasing and change your career – and life – forever!

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