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Power Purchasing Pro

Power Purchasing Pro

“Discover The 7 Paradigm Shifts That 99.9% Of Purchasing Pros Don’t Know About That’ll Allow You to Catapult Your Purchasing Results, Career And Income Potential,… Even If You’re New Or A Seasoned Veteran!”

You’ll learn how to virtually eliminate the nightmares of:

  • Dealing with Rogue Internal Customers
  • Establishing Purchasing Value For Management & Customers
  • Meeting Supply Base Reduction Targets
  • Finding Time to Both Place PO’s & Negotiate Contracts
  • Trying To Meet Cost Savings Goals
  • Business Processes Compliance & Internal Audit
  • Dealing With The Legal Department & Sticky Contracts

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Power Secrets

Power Secrets of Purchasing Contract Lawe

Power Secrets of Purchasing Contract Law

Tired of suppliers redlining contracts? Tired of endless waiting for legal departments to review your contracts? 

“Discover How You Can Virtually Eliminate Redlining and Slash Your Overall Time Spent On Contracts and Excursions While Getting Far Better Results With My Purchasing Contract Power Secrets – Guaranteed!”

Everything that is taught in this online course is 100% applicable to every commodity, every industry, every global region, and every set of laws.  Don’t think for a minute that this breakthrough training series won’t apply to you.

The contract will be the reason why you are successful instead of the reason why you get bogged down.

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21st Century Buying for Public Purchasing Officers Training21st Century Buying for Purchasing Officers

We are pleased to announce a four part Advanced Purchasing Excellence video training series exclusively developed for Government & Public Sector Purchasing and Procurement Professionals.  

Globally recognized purchasing expert Omid Ghamami teaches world class principles to boost your purchasing skills, capabilities, and  – ultimately – your career.

You will receive 6 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) credit for attending this 4 part Webinar Series.

This training series will uncover the four dramatic shifts you need to be taking *now* to boost your skills to the next level.

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Negotiation Strategies for BREAKTHROUGH TCO

Negotiation Strategies for Breakthrough TCO

Throw away everything you’ve ever learned about negotiations.

This powerful training series, developed by THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning himself, will shatter every myth you know about negotiations and make you a rock star in your procurement department.

We’ve got this training course jam packed with what is normally taught in a 3 day seminar, all in a 6 Hour Training Series.

We were able to do this because you have limitless access to this material, and so the pace and content is much more condensed – you will learn something new every time you take this training.

You can spend 20 years trying and hoping to figure these Proprietary Breakthrough Techniques on your own…

… or you can let Omid G put your career and income on the fast track to success in just 6 absolutely jam packed hours of game changing content. 

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Buy Our Books And Find Your Purchasing Advantage!

Purchasing Advantage - World Class Contract ManagementThis book is intended to give an overview of the highly critical skill of purchasing contract management (or what sales professionals would call ‘sales contract management’).

Purchasing professionals are consistently plagued by inadequate knowledge of purchasing contract law, which becomes a capability and therefore a career liability.

The goal of this book is to address this problem and turn this liability to an area of strength and competitive advantage for purchasing professionals.

This book is intended to be a timeless reference guide, and is written for the practitioner – the person who wants concrete and actionable direction to do their job better and get their career on the fast track.

The importance and purpose of contracts is covered, followed by how to customize purchasing contracts to fit the purchase, and then a detailed coverage of all major contract clauses, what they mean, and how to negotiate them. The book closes out with best in class post contract management practices.

Get your copy now! (216 pages) Price : $39.99 Click Here to order book Now! 

3D Version of Purchasing Advantage Book CoverThis book is meant to be a timeless reference guide that will be used over and over to achieve excellence in purchasing.

Key chapter focus areas include total cost analysis, win-win negotiations, sourcing models, complex negotiation pitfalls, key elements of purchasing contract law, and the process of preparing for and holding negotiations, including key behavioral and data based negotiation methods that crack cases.

From there, post contract and supplier management principles are covered in great depth.

This book wraps up with final thoughts on what is on the horizon for the purchasing function, with key industry and technology trends that will pave the way.

Whether you are new to purchasing or are a seasoned executive, this book will provide insight and direction to running a world class purchasing organization and being a world class purchasing professional. Packed with tips, templates, processes, and industry best practices, this book is your ticket to purchasing excellence. Get your copy now! (208 pages) Hard Cover Price : $39.99

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Or get the Instant download PDF version available below: 

Purchasing Advantage - Running A World Class Purchasing Organization

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