Purchasing Negotiation Strategies for BREAKTHROUGH TCO

New Purchasing Negotiation Brain Dump Produces Massive Paradigm Shift…

“Give Me 6 Hours of Your Time, and I’ll Make You a Rock Star in Your Department and Put Your Career & Income Trajectory on the Fast Track to Success, GUARANTEED!”

– Omid G

“THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning” ~ Intel Corp


Throw away everything you’ve ever learned about negotiations.

This powerful training series, developed by THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning himself, will shatter every myth you know about negotiations and make you a rock star in your procurement department.

We’ve got this training course jam packed with what is normally taught in 3 day seminar where attendees gladly fork out thousands of dollars and never get to see the materials again.

It’s all in a 6 Hour Training Series that you can watch over and over, on demand, for as long as you want. 

We were able to do this because you have limitless access to this material, and so the pace and content is much more condensed – you will learn something new every time you take this training.

You can spend 20 years trying and hoping to figure these Proprietary Breakthrough Techniques on your own…

… or you can let Omid G put your career and income on the fast track to success in just 6 absolutely jam packed hours of game changing content. 

“Negotiation Strategies for BREAKTHROUGH TCO”

That’s right, BREAKTHROUGH TCO.  

“Omid is full of energy and enthusiasm, and has provided our organization important insight to how to gain breakthrough productivity gains and quality improvements in our contract negotiation process.” – Leonardo Couto, L’Oreal Brazil Purchasing General Manager AND President of the Brazilian Council of Purchasing Executives

Negotiation Strategies for Breakthrough TCO

Here are the Top 7 Myths we are going to bust with this powerful training series – and there are many more!

Myth #1: Negotiations are all about getting “the upper hand”, and getting “an unfair advantage”.

FALSE! This is a 1950’s belief system and needs a one way ticket to the closest landfill. 

In today’s supply chain management model, there is zero benefit to getting the upper hand or an unfair advantage with companies in your supply chain. 

Your supply chain is what gives your company its competitive advantage.

Myth #2: Win/Win means splitting the pie down the middle.

FALSE! Splitting the pie down the middle = LOSE/LOSE because neither party got what they wanted out of the deal! 

The Art & Science of Purchasing is to give the supplier High-Value/Low-TCO concessions in return for High-Value/High-TCO concessions from the supplier – so you hit a grand slam on cost savings & TCO and your supplier is left feeling really good about the deal at the same time.   

This doesn’t happen by accident – THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning’s proprietary negotiation techniques WILL make this happen however!

Myth #3: Negotiations are all about what you can accomplish while in the negotiation room with the supplier.  You need to be armed with tactics and counter tactics to make it happen.

FALSE! Negotiations are won and lost before they ever start!  It’s all about how you prepare, not what you do in the room, and over 90% of your time should be spent preparing for negotiations. 

There are absolutely critical pre-negotiation intelligence gathering and expectation setting activities that have to happen in order to ensure negotiation success with suppliers.

Myth #4: You’ve nailed pricing negotiations once rock bottom price is achieved, and can move onto other areas of negotiation.

FALSE!  Don’t make this rookie mistake.  If reducing price is the main thing in your bag of tricks to get acquisition cost down, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. 

When a supplier agrees to reduce price, they are agreeing to make less profit.  Profit is is just ONE SMALL COMPONENT of the supplier’s overall cost structure.

You’re going to learn THE Godfather’s Proprietary Techniques to take costs OUT of the supply chain – something much more powerful than just reducing supplier profit margins.

Myth #5: My job is to take the end user’s SOW/SPEC and deliver the lowest TCO based on that.

FALSE! Your job is to challenge the end user’s SOW/SPEC and first make sure it is designed for TCO.  Most of your savings opportunities can be found before you ever go out to bid!  

You’ll learn how to recognize cost inefficiencies in your end user’s SPEC/SOW and how to rearchitect the solicitation so that all this fat is removed before suppliers ever get involved

Myth #6: I need to learn all the behavioral influencing tactics and counter-tactics to become the best negotiator I can be.

FALSE!  Could you imagine buying a car, armed only with behavioral influencing tactics and counter tactics?! 

You need to do TOTAL COST ANALYSIS and learn the ONLY way to do them all.  Total Cost Models, Must Cost Models, Should Cost Models, Make Vs. Buy Models, and Benchmarking are all things things that you are going to be very well versed on. 

Suppliers will walk all over you like a used carpet once they figure out you haven’t done your Total Cost Analysis. 

Myth #7: You can never be sure you are REALLY getting the lowest price. 

FALSE!  Omid is giving you his Secret Proprietary Technique so you will KNOW with 100% CERTAINTY that you are getting the lowest price – now and for as long as you have the contract in place with the supplier! 

Omid has personally secured FAT Reimbursement Checks from suppliers for clients that have used this proprietary approach.   

He will also show you how to CALL A SUPPLIER’S BLUFF, and know exactly how much bargaining power your supplier has, and to know if they really can walk from the table during negotiations – as they will often claim they will.  

You’re going love your newfound confidence in negotiations. 

“I am in the middle of working with a key supplier to take out unnecessary costs and processes on a project that seems to be out of control. The information in this series provides just the type of tools and principles I need to bring this under control. This has got to be ‘hands down’ the best and most practical series I have ever participated in.  – Steve McCredie Director of Education for the ISM Sacramento Valley

With Your Online Membership Training Videos You’re Going to Learn:

  • How to use three powerful words that will provide breakthrough results in negotiations 
  • Innovative and easy methods to take costs out of the supply chain for a win/win for you and the supplier
  • How to utilize advanced principles to meet & exceed your TCO objectives while ensuring the supplier feels great about the deal
  • Why most of your cost savings opportunities can be found in SOW/Spec modifications, and why you need to ensure that they are designed for TCO
  • Powerful and proven methodology to “Call a Supplier’s Bluff” when they say they will walk from a deal
  • How to anticipate, recognize, and respond to supplier negotiation tactics such as Nibbling, Value Based Pricing, and Results Exaggeration techniques
  • Get the supplier to be your partner and advocate in delivering greater cost savings and make them excited about reducing price through cost reductions
  • The surprising reasons why negotiations are won and lost before they ever start, and what you need to do differently to make sure you take advantage of this
  • How to use a special trick to get  supplier quotations at much lower cost and with improved specifications
  • Know what positions to open with and what positions to finish with in negotiations
  • How and when to use should cost, must cost, and total cost models – and how to avoid critical mistakes purchasing professionals make every day with these cost models
  • Know when to use benchmarking and when it’s not needed; know which type of cost model to use, every time
  • How to slash negotiation cycle time using a critical purchasing technique that will put hours and hours of free time back on your calendar
  • How to build a total cost case that leaves the supplier no choice but to deliver lowest TCO
  • Have your supplier gather purchasing best practices from other companies on your behalf – without having to take any of your own time to gather the information.
  • Use a lesser known contract clause to answer the constant question from your boss “how do you KNOW you are getting the best price?” and how to prove that you are in fact getting the best price in industry, every time!
  • Take your purchasing results to the next level and boost your results, your career, and your income

“Thank you for your commitment to excellence in purchasing!  You are THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning!”– Keith Erickson, Director of Corporate Purchasing, Intel Corporation

Imagine taking a day to listen to these recordings and coming out as a world-class contract negotiator. Negotiation Strategies for Breakthrough TCO

Imagine taking full control of your negotiations and becoming a purchasing rock-star. What would that mean to your career?

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Negotiation Strategies for BREAKTHROUGH TCO


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