Procurement & Purchasing Training


Procurement and purchasing training can be found in many places. However, not all procurement training is equal. In fact, the procurement and purchasing training that is out there, especially inside companies, comprises so much of the problem that it’s disturbing.

There’s money to be made in procurement and purchasing training, and so there’s a lot of procurement and purchasing training┬áproviders, but so much of what is out there focuses on how to do purchasing in ways that have been accepted for many years – none of which is wrong information – but not how to do purchasing differently to catapult careers and department results.

Or sometimes there is a very dynamic and exciting presenter who leaves the audience jazzed and motivated about purchasing and procurement, but then the attendees have no idea what to do differently when they get back to their desks. The excitement is fleeting. Then old habits come back and nothing really changes in that model. Why do it at all?

So how can you possibly sort them all out? How can you trust that you are buying proven procurement and purchasing training results instead of services for a fee?

Of course, we want you to trust us and Omid G’s training. We are world class at catapulting your department results and capabilities. So we’d like to invite you to explore our procurement and purchasing training website, the tools and the products we offer and decide for yourself.

You’ll NEVER be in a position of wasting your time or investment. And you’ll also never buy services for a fee from us. You will always be investing in results.


Procurement & Purchasing Training That Will Change Your Life

Because Omid’s procurement and purchasing training is 100% his own proprietary training systems which he deployed at Intel Corporation where they named him “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”, and where he was in charge of global purchasing operations for the entire $2.2B global purchasing organization. Thus, during his 18 year career there, he has also become known as “The 2 Billion Dollar Man”.

Secondly, we stand behind our products 100% with no risk money back guarantees that we honor without any questions whatsoever. Our refund rates are almost nonexistent, but we want you to feel comfortable with at least giving Omid’s procurement and purchasing training a test-drive for yourself, without risk.

The purchasing and procurement training you’ll get here will be many times better than what you’ll ever get anywhere else. Not only will you awaken to a job that’s actually fun and exciting, your results will be unmistakable and mark you as a value added member of the organization while putting you in position to climb that corporate ladder and reap the rewards, prestige and higher income that comes with it.

Look, we know that everyone is going to claim that they’re the best in the business of purchasing and procurement training. So rather than carry on with tooting our own horn, please read the testimonials or our website; they’re all real and 100% verifiable. Subscribe to our content and really take a look at how Omid can literally transform, rearchitect and catapult your procurement and purchasing results, career and income potential.

Don’t waste any more time or money on antiquated, outdated stuff that doesn’t work now and never really did. Experience a quantum leap in your career and life with our procurement and purchasing training courses, webinars and seminars starting now!

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