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How Negotiations are Won & Lost Before They Ever Start

(Also, A Private tour of perhaps THE Most Famous Silicon Valley Firm’s Office In San Francisco! They won’t let us disclose their name, but it’s EXACTLY who you think it is)

The ISM Northern CA is pleased to have globally recognized negotiations author, consultant, professor, and speaker Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM (“THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning” ~ Intel Corp) back by popular demand.  

He is pushing the envelope with this Negotiation Seminar Series and is presenting all new content.

Omid eschews negotiation room tactics and counter-tactics.  

His research and experience goes against everything you’ve ever been taught.

Omid G’s extensive research and experience in 21 countries and with hundreds of companies over a quarter century have resulted in one inescapable conclusion:


Even a rookie negotiator can take what’s on the table – a SOW, a Spec, and a supplier quote – and negotiate.  There is no talent in doing that.  It’s just an exercise in transferring value, and ordinary negotiators do it all the time.  

The best in the world, the ones that shoot up organizational charts and have executives from all divisions and other companies clamoring to hire them, are experts at negotiating what’s NOT on the table.  

This 2 day seminar will focus on what world class negotiators do BEFORE negotiations every start, coupled with hands on negotiation case studies throughout to cement critical learnings.

Dates: Tuesday May 9th & 10th, from 8AM – 5PM

Including a private tour of  famous Silicon Valley firm’s office in SF from 3 – 5PM on day 1!!

Location: TBD In the Financial District of San Francisco, CA

The ISM will be sponsoring the incredible tour of this Silicon Valley Powerhouse’s incredible facility in San Francisco.  Transportation will be provided..

You will receive 14 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) credit from the ISM for attending both seminars. 

You will learn the secrets to:

  • Stop negotiating items serially (hint: it’s a results killer) and how to start managing multi-issue deals instead for breakthrough negotiation result
  • Negotiating what’s NOT on the table, and how to find out what those areas are
  • Mastering and mapping out the 5 critical pre-negotiation value actions:  Discovering Value, Creating Value, Prioritizing Value, Claiming Value, and Transferring Value
  • Utilizing strategies of the world’s best negotiators, spending more than 70% of the time listening, controlling what is heard, and properly dissecting that information afterwards
  • Separating interests from positions and why this critically important skill will lead you to data you will never get in a standard solicitation or negotiation process.  
  • Leveraging differences between the parties to create value, instead of viewing them as sources of conflict
  • Making package offers in negotiations for better results for both parties
  • Mastering the art of “letting others have your way” (from a famous Italian Diplomat) in negotiations instead of pushing your agenda
  • Researching the other parties interests instead of on your own as a basis for your negotiation strategy
  • Shifting focus from what a supplier position to why that position is, creating opportunities for negotiation outcomes that are better for both parties
  • Leveraging the Know-Like-Trust factors as a foundation in negotiations, and how to continue to build this even when you are not negotiating
  • Utilizing questions as your most powerful tool in negotiations and how to ask them in such a way that gaps in perspective and position are bridged, making agreement easier for both parties.  
  • Recognizing and abandoning the ‘fixed pie bias’ to get far better results for both parties and to create tremendous value that may cost both you and the supplier very little
  • Leveraging strategies for allocation of gains (what master negotiators do) instead of allocation of losses (the traditional approach and what we’ve been taught) for better results and more satisfied parties.
  • Recognizing and managing supplier inflation of product/service value for the purpose of premium pricing by leveraging contingency contracts in negotiations
  • Understanding and recognizing how parties that AREN’T at the negotiation table are driving influence and what to do about it
  • Triangulating data when you suspect a supplier isn’t being truthful
  • Negotiating from a position of weakness and how to find supplier motivation for improved positions and outcomes
  • The secret to dealing with difficult, obstinate, or irrational negotiators
  • Driving strategies to still get incredible negotiation results when you don’t have time and the deal needs to be done NOW
  • Sealing the deal in negotiations and create post negotiations value by writing the supplier’s victory speech

You Will Be Learning World Class Skills To Be A Savvy Negotiator That No Longer Measures Accomplishments By How Much The Other Party Gave Up.  


You Will Be Leveraging Master Investigative Negotiations Strategies, Negotiating What ISN’T On The Table Or In The Supplier Quotation, And Using These Strategies To CREATE Value For Both Parties And Producing Breakthrough Negotiation Results.  

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See What Others Have Said About These Seminars!  

“I have worked with dozens of supply chain educators, consultants and industry experts for more than 2 decades. In that time, I have only met 2 who can provide real world applications and tools that the student can take back to the job and apply to their work situations. Omid is by far the best with this type of approach. He provides step by step instruction as well as templates that can be used on every day applications. His style is engaging and easy to understand and at the same time, he challenges the student to stretch and grow their capabilities.     Any time spent in the classroom with Omid is a great investment in one’s career.” – Steven McCredie, President, ISM Sacramento Valley

“Omid is a seasoned, highly energized speaker and trainer who had one of the largest attended track sessions at our Southwest Supply Management Conference in Galveston, TX. He was well received by the attendees and left very memorable impressions with his ability to articulate both his knowledge and experience. Additionally, his subject matter expertise in price-cost analysis, legal aspects, contracting, and supplier relationship management are second to none. As the Southwest Forum Education Chair, I highly recommend him.” – Tom Tanel, ISM SW Conference Education Chair

“Omid is one of our top notch speakers in the area of sales and purchasing negotiations, pre-negotiation planning, and purchasing contract law.  We look to him as one of our best and most experienced speakers when presented with seminars in these areas.”   – Dr. Ron Marquardt, President – MVP Seminars, LLC

“Omid is full of energy and enthusiasm, and has provided our organization important insight to how to gain breakthrough productivity gains and quality improvements in our contract negotiation process.” – Leonardo Couto, L’Oreal Brazil Purchasing General Manager AND President of the Brazilian Council of Purchasing Executives  

“The most useful presentation I’ve seen in 35 years in the business.  Omid has exceptional command of the subject matter and a very fine sense of what to say and when and how. Kudos to you for getting him in front of us, and let’s see more of him, please!” – Teledyne Technologies, Inc.

Thanks for the excellence presentation, both provocative and informative, the best one I’ve attended in many years. James W. Hays, ISM Northern California Executive Director

“Omid was placid, engaging and kept my attention throughout the entire day. This subject could have easily been stretched out into a three day seminar. Omid easily conveyed the key core variables requiring our closest attention for those of us that engage contract management, refreshing and renewing our knowledge base. Great speaker and obviously a subject matter expert with vast knowledge and a rare ability to articulate his experiences into tangible bit sizes that seized my attention and were relateable to the message.” – Mark NyQuist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

“I am in the middle of working with a key supplier to take out unnecessary costs and processes on a project that seems to be out of control. The information in this series provides just the type of tools and principles I need to bring this under control. This has got to be ‘hands down’ the best and most practical series I have ever participated in.”  –  Director of Education for the ISM Sacramento Valley  

“This is one of the highest ratings I have seen and we hope to have you back again next year!” – CJ Nord,  President, Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Los Angeles  

“Omid you are an excellent instructor, able to focus the attention of the audience and maintain direction of the conversation. I paid for this class with my own funds and could not be happier with the experience. I particularly liked the confidence you had in the material.”  – National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) Arizona  

“It’s refreshing to attend a seminar packed with practical tools that can be applied on the job the next day.  Too often we get a lot of theory with little guidance on daily applications. I have never attended such exciting seminars with concepts and tools I can use on the job on a regular basis.  Omid is an adept supply chain practitioner as well as a very engaging teacher.” – Balanced Body, Inc.

“Thank you for your commitment to excellence in purchasing!  You are THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning!” – Keith Erickson, Director of Corporate Purchasing, Intel Corporation

Omid G’s Bio


Omid is President & Chief Consultant at Purchasing Advantage, a purchasing and supply chain management consulting and training solutions provider. Since 1995, he has performed consulting, training, and executive coaching for thousands of procurement executives and professionals from 21 different countries in 5 continents on topics related to the entire spectrum of purchasing, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, negotiations, and supplier management.

Omid is also the CEO & Chairman of the Board of The Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) Excellence, a global purchasing and supply chain management certification institute.

Omid has consulted on $10.2 Billion of mergers & acquisitions in the Fortune 500 sector.

The most respected global authorities have reach out to Omid for his expertise. Omid has the crowning achievements of having trained all 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States on how to achieve breakthrough TCO results against their $3.2 Trillion budget, having been sought out and interviewed by Fortune Magazine regarding Fortune 500 strategies for success in the 21st century, being nominated to the Advisory Board of several companies, and also having presented to Harvard University’s world famous Supply Chain Management program, alongside the likes of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer.

Omid has 18 years’ experience with Intel Corp, holding responsibility for $1B + in annual expenditures as a purchasing executive, and also managing Intel’s global purchasing operations.  He was also responsible for the end to end negotiation planning, execution, and training processes for Intel’s entire $16B global procurement organization, whom named him THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning! 

Omid is well known with the Institute for Supply Management, having published a multitude of articles in their global journals & held many highly successful speaking engagements for them. He is the author of 2 purchasing books & has 50+ hours of TV appearances as a purchasing industry expert.

Omid is also the founder, chief architect, and exclusive Adjunct Professor of Purchasing for the only purchasing curriculum and certificate program in the entire California State Community College System.

Publications and TV appearances Books:

  • Purchasing Advantage – Running a World Class Purchasing Organization.  209 page book, Lulu Publishing, 2010
  • World Class Purchasing Contract Management, Lulu Publishing, 2013


  • “Calling the Supplier’s Bluff – 6 questions to determine how much they need  your business”, ISM™eSide Supply Management, Vol. 1, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2008.         
  • “Chemical Sourcing Models for Cost and Risk Optimization”, ISM™ eDigest January 2009      
  • “Opening and Bottom Line Positions in Negotiations”, ISM™ eSide Supply Management, July/August 2009, Vol. 2, No. 4         
  • “Win/Win Negotiation Strategies”, ISM™eSide Supply Management, Jan/Feb 2010, Vol. 3, No. 1        
  • “Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Supply Chain Management”, co-authored with Farrokh Moshiri, 2010 Global Business Development Institute (GBDI) Conference        
  • “New Paradigm for Achieving Sales Negotiation Success”, 2010 Global Business Development Institute (GBDI) Conference        
  • “Capturing Soft-Cost Savings”, ISM™ eSide Supply Management, Sep/Oct 2010, Vol. 3, No. 5      
  • “Harnessing Supplier Knowledge to Reduce TCO”, ISM™ eSide Supply Management, November/December 2011, Vol. 4, No. 6      
  • “Three Steps to Best in Class Contract Negotiations”, ISM™ eSide Supply Management, July/August 2012, Vol. 5, No. 4, co-authored with Michelle Stamnes  
  • “Five Strategies to Negotiate Like the Pros”
  • International Federation for Purchasing & Supply Management (IFPSM), April 1, 2013
  • “World Class Supplier Management Strategies”, ISM™ Inside Supply Management, July/August 2013
  • “7 Deadly Sins of Negotiations”, ISM™ eSide Supply Management, July/August 2013, Vol. 6, No. 4  July 25, 2013
  • “Critical Strategies for Fortune 500 Company Success in the 21st Century”, Fortune Magazine (Euro Edition), September 2015

TV Appearances:

  • Primary guest speaker on acclaimed show Good Work Now episode #30, October 21, 2009
  • 50+ hours on public television broadcasted as a purchasing industry expert.

Proudly brought to you by: 

ISM_N_CAISM – Northern CA


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