Welcome from Omid G


Omid Ghamami


My goal for www.PurchasingAdvantage.com is really very straight forward. To help you catapult your career and make more money. To provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to propel your career and life beyond anything you’ve ever expected or even imagined possible in Purchasing. 

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have worked at and with Intel Corporation for 18 years, whom with their support allowed me to test, tweak and completely change how Purchasing is done for our much greater benefit.

My new processes caused Intel to name me, “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”, and made me responsible for the end to end negotiation planning, execution, and training processes for the entire $2.2B global procurement organization. Something I’m very proud of.

Now I want to transfer my knowledge to you.


Because I’ve been in your shoes and I know the challenges you face in Purchasing. If I help you not only survive but thrive; if I give you advice that greatly diminishes or virtually eliminates the challenges you face in Purchasing; if I help eliminate most of the stress you’re experiencing and help you sleep better; if I help you catapult your career and income, the odds are that you’ll remain my client for a long time. After all, you’ll know that my ideas work for you. And I’ll feel the deep satisfaction and gratification that I get from hearing about the profound changes I’ve helped you make in your life. Nothing is more rewarding to me. 

I’m lucky. I’ve been very successful in traveling the world teaching my processes through seminars and consultations and will continue to do so. However, I can reach only so many Purchasing Pros by those means. So as a way to reach more Purchasing Pros like you, I’m moving much of my training to this website. 

We will be constantly adding more to this site to give you access to the best training possible: Totally action focused complete packages; after taking the training from me, you will know exactly what to do differently when you get back to the office – step by step, and oriented for results. You can rest assured that this is no pie-in-the-sky, rehashed theory that comes from authors who make their money selling books and client lists; I have helped many like you experience a quantum leap in their careers and lives with my processes and I want to impart that same information to you. So I invite you to take a close look at what I have to offer and visit our site regularly. 


Omid G

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