Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My people are too busy to step away from their job for one or more days. How can I support the time allocation?

A: The reality of corporate America today is that, from a time availability perspective, no time is a good time for training. A client leadership position will typically be required to identify the right people and to express the importance of making time for necessary training. It has been our experience that the short term resource issue this creates is significantly offset by the improved performance as a result of the training – and this “positive gap” improves over time.

Q: What if we are happy with the results we have currently?

A: Complacency is the most damaging problem most businesses face. We can partner with you in the assessment phase to aid in determining the key opportunity areas that can take your department or division to the next level.

Q: Your webpage says you are corporate consultants instead of corporate trainers. What is the difference?

A: Corporate trainers generally have a set of standard course offerings that a client can pick from. At Purchasing Advantage, we pride ourselves on tailoring our materials and approach to focus on your top business problems and opportunities. This can only be done with a strong client engagement model. It is this customization and solutions orientation that defines us as a consulting organization that views course delivery as a MEANS to organizational improvement and not an end in and of itself.

Q: We are very tight on budget now and the first thing being scrutinized is consulting costs. How can I get something like this approved in this environment?

A: We can help you with your cost modeling justification as a part of our client engagement process. There are no guarantees, but our experience can aid in developing a compelling articulation of costs and benefits for your employer.

Q: Isn’t it a conflict that you support purchasing AND sales organizations?

A: We have found that sales organizations of even the largest and most sophisticated firms have very little idea how purchasing operates and makes decisions. Our expertise lends itself well to training of both purchasing and sales organizations – and clients may in fact want to have training dedicated to both organizations within their firm. We believe in enabling all organizations to be their best. We have not yet run into a situation where this has resulted in a conflict with any of our customer groups.

Q: Why is your focus only on medium and large sized firms?

A: These organizations have the largest expenditure levels, as well as business and legal risk. As a result, they stand to derive the greatest benefit from our offerings. We will consider small company engagements on a case by case basis.

Q: I can’t find cost information anyplace on this site. How can I find this out?

A: Our web site is designed to articulate the value proposition. Our feeling is that our value proposition will always exceed the cost drivers by a substantial margin. We will generally charge an hourly rate for up front engagements and client needs analysis (once a contract is in place), a daily rate for our courses, and require that all travel related expenditures are reimbursed (travel/lodging/food). There may be time based billings for situations where substantial travel time is required to get to the client’s location. A specific proposal can be obtained by filling out our Client Engagement Form.


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