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You are about to discover the little-known secrets of the new, highly regarded strategies and techniques from legendary Purchasing Training Pro and the person whom Intel Corporation named “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”, Omid Ghamami. 

Omid is known worldwide for his revolutionary purchasing training, strategies and tactics and is going completely change your purchasing process by bringing you a paradigm shift that will CATAPULT your purchasing results, career and income potential, GUARANTEED!

With this purchasing training, you’re going to learn shocking secrets of how to:

  • Stop using the antiquated, narrow approach of just focusing on supplier price and profit reductions to generate your cost savings. This purchasing training will show you a much better way to achieve this that will blow your cost savings targets out of the water and make you a hero.
  • Stop chasing down rogue internal customers that strike deals with suppliers, disclose budgets, and pre-cook deals before passing them onto purchasing as an emergency order. Omid’s purchasing training will eliminate almost all of that. 
  • Stop spinning your wheels by even caring about the supply base size. That’s right, this is a HUGE mistake that needs to be reversed immediately. With this purchasing training you’ll learn what you should be focusing on instead.
  • Stop being responsible for negotiating contracts AND placing time consuming and highly administrative purchase orders. There IS a way out with this purchasing training!
  • Stop saving contract Ts and Cs for last and letting supplier’s mark up your contract terms. All of this is avoidable with our Purchasing Training Courses!
  • Stop doing what’s not working. Stop being marginalized. Stop accepting mediocrity. Omid’s purchasing training courses will change your game!
  • Follow a proven methodology to establish yourself and the purchasing function as a value added profit center to the organization.
  • Achieve new levels of Total Cost savings, competitive superiority and success while gaining control over your career and income trajectory with Omid’s purchasing training courses.

It’s time to evolve with world-class purchasing training courses from THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning . Everything is spelled out HERE.